We dare to spark adventure in your heart.

When you head out on an adventure, you learn more about yourself, experience new places, flavors and cultures, and ultimately create unforgettable memories with friends and family. Your career will still be there when you get back and with a clear mind, you can only be better. We know planning a trip can be tiresome, and having someone who is an expert guide you through the experience can make all the difference. This is how Plangaroo was born, out of our own desire to spark adventure into your heart and help you improve your life, and create stronger connections.

Plangaroo is an Adventure Travel Concierge. We put together a personalized trip itinerary for you, and coordinate and book all the pieces of your trip to create a truly memorable travel experience. We work with a network of expert agents and tour operators to make this a reality. We want "busy" to never be in the way of having fun.

Dilip Ramachandran

Having visited more than 100 cities over 6 continents (yet to go to Antartica), Dilip is constantly exploring new places, meeting new people and experiencing new flavors. He's originally from Colombo and is very familiar with the best things to do in Sri Lanka. This Bentota Itinerary has a great mix of adventure and culture.

Ian Andal

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Ian has explored every nook and cranny of California. Tired of the forever commute to Lake Tahoe? Ian has a bunch of hidden gems under his sleeve, so you can find incredible things to do and culinary delights to explore (he's a big foodie). His Central Coast Itinerary is a must see.

Nithya Krishnamoorthy

Having grown up in Toronto, Nithya decided to leave the big city and her finance job behind to discover and breathe in the beauty of Alberta. Obsessively researching every must see spot between Banff and Jasper over the past few years, she has truly become a local expert. Check out her Banff Itinerary.