Waterfalls and Food Trucks in Portland

Waterfalls and Food Trucks in Portlandia

Portland, OR  |  3 Days

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Portland, the largest city in Oregon, is one of the world's best towns for beer, weirdness, cheap food, funky neighborhoods, forest hikes and much more. Portland is the kind of city you visit for two days and then move to. Endlessly entertaining and intriguing, it's easily walked and explored by bike and most locals will tell you the famous rain is merely a bonus.

This pre-planned package includes the following:

Flights Activities Lodging Sightseeing Transportation Food and Drink

Getting There

Portland is just a 2 hour flight from San Francisco – SFO, and it is two worlds apart. Weather, culture, scenery, crowds, a completely different town that SF natives will love to visit. United, Alaska, Virgin and American run several flights a day, pick one and once there grab a rental car to get around.

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Day 1: Morning & Afternoon

An early morning flight should get you into Portland proper just in time for lunch. Drop your bags off at your hotel in downtown Portland and grab a bite to eat from the Cocina right around the corner. Yum! Move quick, because you have a 6 hour Waterfall Tour at 1pm. Remember to have space in your tummy for wine and cheese as this tour operator takes you around some of the most beautiful spots of all of eastern Oregon.

Day 1: Evening

Hungry after your long day? Meander to this romantic restaurant in SW Portland for several local delicacies such as bacon wrapped dates.

Multnomah Falls

One of the major stops on the tour.

Mt. Hood Winery

Sip wine with Mt. Hood in the backdrop.

Bacon Wrapped Dates

End the first day with a taste of what Portland has to offer.

Day 2: Morning

Portland has no shortage of rustic, and hipster cafes. There's one right by your hotel – perfect spot for a hearty breakfast and some calming yoga music in the background while you prepare for Day 2!

Day 2: Afternoon

Hopefully you kept some space in your tummy for the 3 hour food cart tour. Every cuisine, food style, bacon concoction available in food cart form. And your tour guide will walk with you and provide you a history of the city while doing it.

Day 2: Evening

Probably time to burn off all those calories with a self-guided hike through Pear District to the Pittock Mansion. Follow our special guide that highlights hidden treasures of Portland and more spots to find weird food. Set aside 3 hours for this, you'll be walking quite a distance and elevation. Reward yourselves with a romantic Peruvian dinner in the Pearl District. You'll sleep well tonight.

Food Trucks

The Food Truck tour will take you on a culinary journey through the city.

Pittock Mansion

Do you know the 40 facts about this place?

Andina Peruvian Cuisine

This upscale Peruvian restaurant will surely delight your date.

Day 3: Morning

Checkout, and grab early breakfast at the hotel. This café is well known for their benedicts and fresh fruit pancakes. Make your pick, or have both :)

Day 3: Afternoon

At 10am, we start another Oregon tour, but this time a full day, 6 hour coastal tour. Get ready for some cute towns, tide pools, gorgeous coastline and everything else western Oregon has to offer. You're going to come back so rejuvenated you might never want to leave this state.

Day 3: Evening

If you have time and are up for it, head to a bike tour operator in eastern Portland to pickup your bikes and a map for a self-guided city cycle. Follow the map or just wander around for an hour or 2. Once done, wrap up and head to the airport for your flight back home. Come visit again!

Haystack Rock

One of the primary viewpoints on the Haystack Rock tour.

Urban Winery

When on that urban hike, don't forget to stop at an Urban winery!

Brew Cycle Tour

You're never too tired for a brew cycle tour:)

1 Portland (PDX)
2 Downtown Hotel
3 Columbia River Gorge Nat'l Scenic Area
4 Hood River Winery
5 Food Cart Tour
6 Pittock Mansion
7 Coastal Tour

Best Time to Travel

Now is the best time to travel to Portland. Any time, every time! Portland is definitely colder and wetter in the winter, but there is plenty to do even then since it is a fun city. But if you want to guarantee dryness during your trips, pick the summer months.